Wednesday, January 30, 2013

long overdue

First off, it has been a really long time. What can I say, I have been busy; or just lazy. Either way its been like two months.

I have a love hate relationship with seeing homecoming pictures of my friends on facebook. On one hand I am soo happy their hubbies are home, and the pictures of daddies hugging babies brings a huge smile to my face. On the other (unfortunately much larger) hand I am so so sad because it is not me, and that is not my baby hugging his daddy. Selfish and horrible I know, but I cant help it.

Almost half way...and the time drags on.

You know what I hate? Well meaning people who say "oh well the time is just flying by! Hell be home before you know it!" Um yea, time flies for normal people. For us though, it drags. Like January is probably the longest month ever. So a tip for those well meaning people trying to make us lonely spouses feel better. NO NOT TELL US HOW FAST THE TIME IS GOING. Believe me, its dragging.