Tuesday, October 9, 2012

You know youre old when...

You think to yourself "wow, why are they texting me so late wanting to hang out!?" and its only 7:00.

You spend a ridiculous amount of money on anti-wrinkle cream...

You go to the grocery store needing to get five items...and forget two of them...

Yup, definitely getting old. Also my baby is now a toddler...its like it happened overnight, I looked at him today and it hit baby, just a big boy in his place. :/

Joel has been gone a sucks. The mind is an amazing thing, I have forgotten how terrible this was the first time but now that it is happening again I remember, oh yea, this SUCKS. And its only the beginning. BAH!!

At least this time around I get Drewby snuggles...those are the best. :)

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