Saturday, October 20, 2012

A day with Drewby

I find I am forgetting to document what Andrew is up too, and that I am forgetting when he starting doing something new. So here I go documenting away; mom brain is a very real ailment!

At your 15-month well baby you weighed 26.3 lbs and were 31.5 inches long.

Your eyes are still blue, but getting more green/grey everyday.

You have been waking up at about 5:30 despite me stretching bed time back an hour. I dont go get you till 630-7 though. We get up with the sun baby boy! So you might as well sleep! ;)

Then we have a cuddle with some milk watching Mickey Mouse Club House. Your favorite part is the hot dog song.

 You are starting to get picky about what you eat. You used to eat whatever I gave you, now there are things you wont eat at all. Silly babe :)

Your favorite foods are cheese, milk, goldfish, turkey dogs, chicken nuggets, mandarin oranges, grapes,   animal crackers, jammy sammys, and fruit snacks. You refuse to eat pasta, sauce or no sauce you wont eat it anymore.

Nap time is getting hard, sometimes he seems like he is ready to transition to one nap a day, but most days he needs two. We are having a hard time of it. When you do sleep you need your passy, your blanket and your Simba lion. And when I go and get you from your crib you hand each one to me before you will let me pick you up.

You love to be outside, now that you can walk we can go out a lot more. You also love stairs, it is one of your favorite things to do; at our house or at the playground.

Whenever you hear an airplane or a helicopter you point it out to me, even if we are inside where you can not see it.

You also of course still love dogs. Rufus is still your best buddy, you are always giving him hugs.

You are saying new words everyday. Mama, Dada, Rufus, see, car, yes, cheese, go, and I am sure there are more. You talk a lot, I just dont know what you say :)

You love to give hugs and kisses. You are always hugging your friends. You love babies, whenever you see one you make sure I know by pointing at it and gesturing for me to go with you to look. Someday you will be such a great big brother. :/

You love to carry around a picture of daddy we have in a frame. It is so sweet, and also heart breaking to see you kissing your dada. We miss him, but I am so happy you know him in pictures.

You love to wave at people, especially when we are on base. For some reason you wave at men in uniform! ;) You are so friendly and smile at everyone. Sweet boy

You love to take a bath. After dinner I say, "ok, lets go take a bath!" and you smile and talk and run to the bathroom and stand in front of the tub like ok lady put me in already! :)

After bath, we get you in your jammies, and read books. Somehow you already manipulate me into reading more than just one. You love to turn the pages and point at the pictures.

You are a champion at bed time. I turn on your music, lay you down, tell you I love you, and leave.

Sometimes about a half hour after I put you down, I hear your music start again on the monitor. You are a champion self soother!

I always check on you before I go to sleep, and I always want to scoop up your adorable little sleeping self and squish you, but I dont; belive me, it takes a lot of self control!

I love my little toddler boy. :)

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