Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My sweet baby Drew is One!

My sweet baby boy turned one yesterday. It is amazing how fast this last year has gone, and yes everyone says that but it really is true. It feels like just yesterday I was awake all night and feeding him all day. I am not going to lie, brand new baby was not my favorite stage in Andrews life. I was tired all the time, alone all day. Giving so much and receiving nothing but poop and crying.  Dont get me wrong, I loved my little snuggle bug, but life was hard. Those first few months were the longest, I dont really think I had postpartum. but I cried a lot.  As he got older, and started smiling and cooing things got better; now I love (almost) every minute with my little monster.  He has such a happy disposition, he sleeps like a champ, is hardly every grumpy, loves his mama and daddy, and pretty much everyone else. He might not have been planned, but he sure is my greatest gift.

Here are a few pictures over the last year.

Brand spankin new :)

2 weeks old

One month

6 weeks, my super baby

2 months, Joel was so proud of himself for getting him to fall asleep

3 months

4 months

5 months

5 months, my happy boy

6 months

8 months

10 months

My cute little bug at almost 12 months