Tuesday, May 29, 2012


 A friend of a friends thoughts on Memorial day and the true meaning it holds for her now. I do not know this woman personally; but hers is a situation I could one day be in myself and I could only hope to endure with such grace.

For Chris: Remembering Memorial Day: I am ashamed to say that there was a time in my life that Memorial Day signaled the start of summer, the first weekend at the beach ...

Monday, May 21, 2012

dc and kisses

Once again I eat dinner by myself watching The Big Bang Theory. I use diet coke and chocolate kisses to drown my loneliness. The only person I've talked to all day is the guy at the bike shop where I had my flat BOB tire fixed this afternoon.  Sometimes I wonder what the heck am I doing with my life?

Oh that's right, drinking diet coke and eating chocolate while watching hilarious sitcom reruns. Do you hear that? It's my brain cells wasting away from lack of use; I must change this. I have so much free time, (after Andrew goes to sleep of course) I need to find something productive to do with it.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Fresh Bligity-blog

New snappy fresh look. Only took me FOREVER to find something I liked well enough to actually use. And who knows, I might decide I dont like it tomorrow. After all, I am a women. My likes/dislikes change daily. KEEP UP :)

Also I am deeply saddened by the Greys finale. First, I loved Lexi! Second I have to wait till next season to know what the heck happens to all the rest of them! HATE THAT!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Monday Blues (yes I know its Tuesday)

I have a confession; and I am not ashamed! Sunday night my little adorable, angelic, baby decided it was a great idea to wake up screaming multiple times from about 2am to 430am and then to wake up for the day at 530. This does not make for a happy mama. Needless to say I was G-R-U-M-P-Y, like seriously I was on the edge and looking over! I had to take Joel to work at about 630 and on the way back home Andrew's adorable baby noise from the back that usually makes me smile was driving me crazy! I knew I had to do something or it was going to be a terrible day for both of us. For those of you who aren't from around here, the base where we are stationed just got a spankin' new MCX and in that MCX is a....dunkin donuts. No, I did not give in and get a billion donuts, but I did get ...(no judgement from those who don't do this, but if you do judge I don't care) a large moca latte lite and it was AWESOME. Just saying I was a happy lady about 20 minutes after that first sip. This is not a regular habit of mine, I have actually never had a latte in my whole 25 years., but on this Monday morning I found myself wondering....Why the heck not?!

 Now enjoy some adorable monster pictures. :)

Don't die! He is this cute! :)

Diet Coke Baby! (NO i don't actually let him drink it, duh)

Cereal bar face

What in the world can I say about this face?

Or this one!

See? Monster.